Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lunch at Mitsuwa Marketplace

A group of twelve of us had lunch together at a Japanese supermarket earlier today.  Some people got tricked into getting dessert first, which was interesting.  We sat in the food court area and ordered different types of Japanese food (I almost said Vietnamese food).  Afterwards, we stopped by a one-day Japanese festival in Huntington Beach.  Then we went for a walk in Huntington Beach Central Park, and stopped by Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge to get something to drink.  What a fun day.  Thank you all for coming out, and for sending in your pictures!

From Left to Right: Mary, Tam, Aileen, Kim, Kelly, Doug, Bobby, and Khanh N.

From Left to Right: Doug, Vince, Thien, Bobby, and Khanh

From Left to Right: Doug, Vince, and Thien

From Left to Right: Stefan, Lily, Mary, and Tam

Event Host: Aileen N.
Orange County Vietnamese Professionals (OCVP)